Challenge the traditional recruitment. Just pick the best cherries from the cake and pay for results instead of presence. Flexibly 24/7 or few days a week.

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Looking for leaders?

Benefits for a recruiter

  • You will get a top leader to deliver results right away.
  • The total costs will be halved.
  • Experienced leader performs more in one day than inexperienced in one month.

Looking for the next job?

Benefits for a top skilled leader

  • As an entrepreneur you will work flexibly.
  • Our network will market your skills and competencies.
  • You will gain from the Cherry community.

From our handpicked pool you will find highly skilled leaders for different situations

Business Operations, HR, Communications, Marketing, Digitalization, Technology, Financials, Supply Chain and Procurement, Logistics.

1. Experience to execute the strategy and lead the change

2. Resource for any interim projects and needs

3. Replacement of a key person in uncertain circumstances

4. Operational excellence, profitability turnarounds

Cherry renews the leadership recruitment

We have handpicked our top leaders so that you will get the right resources fast and easily in place. As a service. And very flexible.

Features Traditional recruitment Traditional interim management Management consulting Cherry
Easy to find experienced leaders fast
Inexpensive total cost
Starting speed
Long-term whenever needed
Execution of business strategies and plans

Our long business experience has shown how difficult it is to find the right person, on demand. That's why we founded Cherry. So that you can get the top talent to deliver exactly when you need it. For as long as you need.

Harri Kämpän kuva
“Experienced leader performs more in a day than inexperienced in a month.”
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Mika "Vidi" Videmanin kuva
“Buy results, not presence.”
Mika "Vidi" Videman Book a time on my calendar
Samppa Seppälän kuva
“Pick the best leaders faster, more flexible and with lower costs.”
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Ilari Kallion kuva
“Focus on what moves the needle in YOUR business.”
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Petri Kujalan kuva
“Whenever you need results – immediately!”
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